Commercial Housing Solutions offers companies individualized strategies to decrease retention issues facing some of today’s larger businesses. As a division of NAI Earle Furman, LLC, Commercial Housing Solutions has access to an extensive network of brokerage professionals, economic developers, and property management teams to assist in its mission. 

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Founded by Tony Bonitati, Commercial Housing Solutions offers long term services in the Carolinas to help employers recruit and retain the best workforce by providing their employees with affordable housing options. The Commercial Housing Solutions team is extremely aware of the housing availability and affordability crisis and we have created a unique, turnkey solution which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the United States. Companies need to implement unique ways to motivate their workforce. We consult with companies to craft, execute, and maintain individualized development plans, giving them a huge edge on competitors. Our initial analysis and evaluation will show if your company can save a substantial amount of money each year with regards to turnover, payroll, recruiting, and productivity.

At Commercial Housing Solutions, our purpose is to enable employers to improve housing availability and affordability for their employees now, mutually benefitting both employer and employee in the future. Employees enjoy a better quality of life, while employers profit from a productive, invested workforce.