We offer companies real solutions and individualized strategies to decrease retention issues facing some of today’s larger businesses.



Forbes defines employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”  An engaged employee is more invested in his or her job and more productive for the company. A recent Gallup Report cites engaged employees as 21% more productive, with less absenteeism, fewer safety incidents, and fewer quality defects. Easily stated, productive employees are more profitable for employers. Commercial Housing Solutions seeks to help employers establish these alternative means to re-energize employees. We partner with employers to provide affordable housing to employees, increasing job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. 


As employers struggle to find ways to bring in the best workforce, Commercial Housing Solutions offers a creative approach to attract skilled labor and turn it into long-term, dedicated talent. Affordable housing is an incentive that will better a company’s chances at recruiting and retaining quality workers. While employers are at risk for turnover when competitors offer slightly higher wages, CHS provides a tangible benefit that means more to the employee than a small pay raise. 



Commercial Housing Solutions works with companies to offer housing for employees that is significantly below the average market rent. For employees, this strategy generates a larger net income after housing expenses compared to if they made a higher salary elsewhere and paid market rent. While utilizing the benefits of CHS, employees can start saving money for a down payment to become a homeowner in the near future…and we’ve got a plan for when that time comes, too!



A goal of Commercial Housing Solutions is to provide housing on or near the company’s property. For employees, this would virtually eliminate their daily commute to work. With the average commute time to work being 25.4 minutes, employees could save a significant amount of money each month on transportation costs and add an extra hour of quality time to their days.